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tedu honked 20 Sep 2019 03:01
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-j823lF281Q9Tgg6Tx8

Ok, I'll spoil the surprise. The Legato Prestoserve was an SSD long before there were SSDs. It was an sbus add in card for #sparc machines with a whopping two (2) megabytes of nonvolatile storage. It was sold as an NFS accelerator. You'd add it to your NFS v2 server (v2 was unfortunately synchronous) and #SunOS would use it to record writes that hadn't hit disk yet.

It's long obsolete, but driver support lives on in #openbsd, although it presents as a simple (small) block storage device, and won't automagically zoom up your NFS.

tedu bonked 10 Sep 2019 10:10
original: stsp@bsd.network
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This also serves as a great example of the reasons why #openbsd developers, unlike #linux developers, will not sign NDAs.

When developers sign NDAs they cannot expose vital details to their fellow developers who are outside the scope of the #NDA. The whole #FOSS ecosystem suffers when developers aren't on equal footing with regards to information available to them.

See also the "responsible" disclosure of #intel CPU bugs. The same problems exist there.

tedu bonked 05 Sep 2019 16:39
original: stsp@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-09-05:objectId=7199106:objectType=Conversation

I'm pretty mad at #Intel right now..


Lack of a public changelog is not justifiable for software which runs in millions of devices. If such a changelog does exist, it needs to be made easier to locate, e.g. shipped with official firmware releases and indexed by search engines.
I can't find it anywhere. The closest we seem to have is the commit history of linux-firmware.git which cites internal build numbers without further information about what changed.


tedu bonked 17 Aug 2019 16:24
original: gonzalo@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-08-12:objectId=6839269:objectType=Conversation

Long time ago in a Miami IDC far far far away... #OpenBSD

tedu honked 16 Aug 2019 04:43
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-8DYb7Ps9ZtM126xZ2z

The long awaited xlogo 1.0.5 update lands in #openbsd!


What's new since 2012? You may now exit the program by pressing q or esc instead of requiring q and esc. (If you're still on 1.0.4, try it out.)


Also lots of other x updates today. I just found this one particularly amusing. This bug lasted at least seven years between releases. Perhaps an argument for regular time based releases, even if it seems not much has changed.

tedu bonked 10 Aug 2019 02:49
original: brynet@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-08-10:objectId=6807893:objectType=Conversation

#Ghidra might be one of the coolest things I've played with lately, kind of bizarre seeing it running on #OpenBSD. The decompiler tool is.. something else. Also, notice RETGUARD prologue/epilogue?

On -current:
$ pkg_add ghidra
$ ghidraRun

Running NSA reverse engineering tool on the Huawei matebook, of course. 😏

Ghidra tackles libc

tedu bonked 08 Aug 2019 17:22
original: brynet@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-08-08:objectId=6786385:objectType=Conversation

This policy shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone..

"Due to the increased usage of #OpenBSD/amd64, as well as the age and practicality of most i386 hardware, only easy and critical security fixes are backported to i386. The project has more important things to focus on."


tedu bonked 08 Aug 2019 00:14
original: timkuijsten@mastodon.social
convoy: tag:mastodon.social,2019-08-07:objectId=118275041:objectType=Conversation

Just released v0.6.0 of WireSep, a privilege separated implementation of WireGuard for OpenBSD.

* lot's of small refinements and some code restructuring
* interface public key is no longer needed or allowed, only the private key
* improve DoS resistence in the proxy by looking up sessions in logarithmic time
* improvements to wiresep-keygen(1)

See the ChangeLog for additional details: https://github.com/timkuijsten/wiresep/blob/master/ChangeLog #vpn #openbsd #wireguard

tedu bonked 25 Jul 2019 17:41
original: brynet@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-07-25:objectId=6578771:objectType=Conversation

"bluhm@ modified sys: Use process accounting to find programs which try to access files that are hidden by unveil(2). OK deraadt@

bluhm@ modified a few things: Show unveil(2) violators in lastcomm(1) output and daily mail. input Janne Johansson, schwarze@; OK deraadt@ millert@"

Now that these are in, I've also committed the fixes for pflogd(8) and spamlogd(8)! ​



tedu bonked 17 Jul 2019 16:01
original: brynet@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-07-17:objectId=6457814:objectType=Conversation

This is absolutely crazy.. nice work from visa@! 🀯

A new bootloader for #OpenBSD/OCTEON machines is implemented on top of a minimal kernel written to interface with the hardware, due to deficient firmware on the platform.

"Inspired by Linux' kexec(2)"


tedu bonked 13 Jul 2019 01:36
original: ao_kenji@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-07-13:objectId=6391126:objectType=Conversation

#OpenBSD/luna88k on LUNA-88K2 live demo at OSC 2019 Nagoya. nanotodon is working well!

tedu honked 10 Jul 2019 22:27
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-q4x8R6Z38T7c73kVN2

A few #openbsd commits of note.

Unlock pipe() syscall. https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=156267213319240&w=2 But quickly reverted because #syzcaller does not approve. https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=156268456322890&w=2

Make file offset MP safe. Hopefully this works a little better. https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=156277704122293&w=2

Implement kthread API (instead of dummy stubs) for drm. Word is this should help amdgpu stability. https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=156274541811590&w=2

Do not leak empty lines in #tmux. That sounded either exciting or worrisome, but it's actually just a small memory leak. https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=156267840620976&w=2

tedu bonked 01 Jul 2019 16:34
original: brynet@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-07-01:objectId=6214288:objectType=Conversation

"visa@ modified share/mk/bsd.own.mk: Switch the default compiler on octeon to clang. OK deraadt@"

#OpenBSD/octeon mips64 joins the list of default clang architectures, which includes arm64, amd64/i386 and armv7. 😊

tedu bonked 26 Jun 2019 21:23
original: bcallah@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2018-12-30:objectId=3431247:objectType=Conversation

2018 was an amazing year for #OpenBSD (and #BSD) gaming, with loads of game ports and even running Steam and GOG games natively!

Help us make 2019 even better as we turn our sights towards hardware. Starting with controllers. I've included an Amazon wishlist with lots of controllers; I will review any controller sent to me on playonbsd.com with a personalized thank you.

For now, PS4/Switch/PC controllers are more interesting than the Xbox One controllers.



tedu bonked 05 Jun 2019 00:57
original: brynet@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-06-05:objectId=5832910:objectType=Conversation

With a small patch, I managed to get the dwiic/ihidev(4) i2c HID drivers to attach on my Huawei MateBook D w/ Ryzen! With this, the Touchscreen started working! ​

I needed to force polling mode as interrupts are currently not working on AMD, causing the boot to hang.


tedu bonked 02 Jun 2019 01:37
original: OpenBSDAms@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-06-01:objectId=5785079:objectType=Conversation

β€œThe PC is happy to communicate that your talk, The OpenBSD hypervisor in the wild, a short story., for #EuroBSDcon2019 has been accepted.” \o/

Now we β€œjust” have to finish the content!


tedu bonked 01 Jun 2019 18:35
original: otto@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-06-01:objectId=5784530:objectType=Conversation

Finally closing in on the solution to a hairy problem: bootstrap time in the absence of a battery-backed up clock while using a DNSSEC validating resolver. To set the clock we need to resolve names and to resolve (and validate!) names we need a proper clock. #OpenBSD

tedu bonked 30 May 2019 01:58
original: brynet@bsd.network
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-05-29:objectId=5738730:objectType=Conversation

"espie@ imported graphics/openbsd-backgrounds: openbsd-backgrounds: background pictures taken by #OpenBSD devs, CC-BY okay @solene No conflicts created by this import"

#art πŸŽ¨β€‹β€‹

tedu bonked 15 May 2019 17:55
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-05-15:objectId=5526477:objectType=Conversation

In @akpoff's OpenSMTPd tutorial he just taught me about daily.local and it's "next-part: foo" ability that adds things with a header to the #OpenBSD daily email.

*Super* awesome thing to learn. I'm going to be reconfiguring a bunch of servers when I get back to work.

tedu bonked 09 May 2019 13:49
convoy: tag:bsd.network,2019-05-09:objectId=5431402:objectType=Conversation

GNOME (still 3.30 as aja and jasper are currently updating to 3.32) running on #OpenBSD/macppc. One of its dependency was misbehaving and the only test was to build that monster.

It required very simple, but many, fixes here and there. I'll need to wait for dust to settle on GNOME ports to reevaluate and propose them.

We still don't have bloated browsers on this platform though :|

(The ld.so diff is really :flan_awe:)

Neofetch and sakura running on OpenBSD/macppc

GNOME about dialog and Nautilus running on OpenBSD/macppc.

tedu bonked 14 Apr 2019 12:18

BOOM! πŸ’₯ ​​

"jsg@ changed sys/dev/pci/drm: Update shared drm code, inteldrm(4) and radeondrm(4) from linux 4.4 to linux 4.19.34.

Adds support for more Intel hardware:
Broxton/Apollo Lake (was is_preliminary in 4.4)
Amber Lake (another Kaby Lake refresh)
Gemini Lake
Coffee Lake
Whiskey Lake
Cannon Lake (though no hardware with Intel graphics ever shipped)
Ice Lake (alpha support, hardware not released)."

#OpenBSD 6.5 -current begins with a bang.



tedu bonked 01 Apr 2019 01:07

Baby's first driver! Also, WMI is complete garbage.... Still need to cleanup a lot of things, and generalize acpiwmi, but hotkey events are now working on my Matebook X in #OpenBSD

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