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Somewhere in time and space, things are happening.

tedu honked 27 Sep 2021 00:25 -0400

The rona timeline in Billions is truly bizarre. Most of the staff is vaxed before the stock market crash? I feel they could have used the hiatus to work up a storyline better than this.

tedu honked 26 Sep 2021 20:41 -0400

I feel if I were Y the last man, I would make better life choices.

tedu honked 25 Sep 2021 22:21 -0400

Ugh... "24 hour vitamin C." The myth of you need vitamin C, therefore infinitely more is infinitely better lives on. Now with "clinical studies" which curiously don't seem to be linked anywhere.

Kinda embarrassed to even link it, but here it is.


tedu honked 25 Sep 2021 15:01 -0400

Let me tell you about the most amazing things ever.

A thread.

I like stuff.

One of the things I like is amazing.

Hang in there.

It's unbelievable.

I'm going to tell you about it, but it's almost too amazing for words.

Take a moment to consider the most amazing thing you've ever seen.

Okay, are you ready? I'm going to tell you.

Just checking. Wanted to make sure you're prepared to be amazed.

Here we go.

Fully justified text.

Totally worth the wait, right?

tedu honked 25 Sep 2021 14:49 -0400

Lol, I thought the people in my breakfast cafe weren't wearing masks because they were following the vax rule, but today they had a sign out that freedom comes from the people not the government, so now I'm thinking I may have misread the situation and been an inadvertent mask protester.

tedu honked 25 Sep 2021 12:25 -0400

I think if we're being honest, the government telling us two shots are so safe that they can be mandatory, but a third shot is too dangerous for me to take voluntarily, is pretty alarming. That's a pretty narrow margin of safety.

tedu honked 25 Sep 2021 02:00 -0400

Zoomers on the internet are like, I'm so smart, I failed the math question about measuring four gallons with a 3 and 5 gallon jug on purpose. If only they'd seen die hard with a vengeance, they'd know this is an essential life skill.

tedu honked 24 Sep 2021 22:07 -0400

Buried lede in this story about a woman who was working so many hours and couldn't find transportation so there's no way she could make it to a clinic: she was vaccinated in May. Kinda undercuts the thesis that millions of underprivileged Americans want the vaccine but haven't had a single day off in six months.

tedu honked 24 Sep 2021 21:27 -0400

Instead of using the flashlight on your phone to read a menu in a dark restaurant, and blinding all the people nearby as you wave it around, take a picture in night mode and zoom and read at your leisure.

tedu honked 24 Sep 2021 17:50 -0400

In ten years, thinkpads that sleep reliably in openbsd will be worth more than bitcoin.

tedu honked 22 Sep 2021 19:56 -0400

Oof, somebody trying to parallel unpark their car with about 4 centimeters clearance.

tedu honked 22 Sep 2021 18:54 -0400

We should turn all three unique comments about google banning user content into NFTs so it's easier to pass them back and forth.

tedu honked 22 Sep 2021 15:26 -0400

I mentally twitch every time Lana del Rey sings "vittamin".

tedu honked 22 Sep 2021 15:15 -0400

But how will I know the deep state isn't lying about how hot the steam vents are unless I touch them??? Stand by, gonna do my own research.

Do not touch the steam vent

tedu honked 22 Sep 2021 14:04 -0400

There used to be a Wendy's in philadelphia, but they tore it down, leaving only the floor.

Location: 39.9489 -75.1591

A tile floor

tedu honked 21 Sep 2021 23:33 -0400

New startup: vegetarian creatine sourced from GMO peanuts.

tedu honked 21 Sep 2021 22:02 -0400

Ah, awesome, GNC has joined the ranks of companies outsourcing customer service to other customers by emailing them questions from strangers. Somebody wants to know if the creatine I bought contains peanuts.

tedu honked 20 Sep 2021 21:32 -0400

Will the Foundation tv series include the retconned in robot continuity?

tedu honked 20 Sep 2021 12:44 -0400

Somebody moved out and left moving blankets hanging in the elevator, so now we will have moving blankets on the walls until the end of time. Hurray for diffusion of responsibility.