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tedu honked 05 Dec 2020 00:28 -0500
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Combining my new favorite hobby, court rulings, and my previous favorite hobby, hard seltzers, a judge has denied an injunction against Vizzy by Brizzy for trademark infringement.

tedu honked 05 Dec 2020 00:06 -0500
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Last Ship season 3 finally brings the ration cards!

tedu honked 05 Dec 2020 00:04 -0500
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It's amazing how many times the phrases "the record does not support a finding" and "contestants did not prove under any standard of proof" appear in this dismissal.

Also: "The Court is concerned about the failure of these experts to verify the data they were relying on." And this wasn't even a kraken kase.


tedu honked 04 Dec 2020 22:05 -0500
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If mastodon supported Update, my retroactive CWs would work a lot better.

tedu honked 04 Dec 2020 22:03 -0500
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DZ: giant space needle

DZ: giant space needle

This vaccine animation is completely nonsensical, but it looks cool and I like it. (Click to see the fun blinking version.)



tedu honked 04 Dec 2020 15:38 -0500
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The kraken has dropped another bombshell. Here it is.

Facebook screencap

tedu honked 04 Dec 2020 12:37 -0500
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Dining al fresco.


tedu honked 04 Dec 2020 02:48 -0500
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Going to use this election madness as an opportunity to peddle some language hate.

"Therefore, complete pivoting can’t be observed because there would be too many floating points."

Maybe next time don't program in javascript.

tedu honked 04 Dec 2020 02:36 -0500
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Oh, wowzers, I missed this. It starts with military intelligence dude who knows how to run whois, but then after there's a whole nother exhibit starting at page 20.

Akamai was also in on the election rigging.

China, is not the only nation involved in COTS provided to election machines or the networking but so is Germany via a LAOS founded Chinese linked cloud service company that works with SCYTL named Akamai Technologies that have offices in China and are linked to the server that Dominion Software.

And now somehow the Swisspost online voting system makes an appearance.

The actual use of trapdoor commitments in Bayer-Groth proofs demonstrate the implications for the verifiability factor. This means that no one can SEE what is going on during the process of the “shuffling” therefore even if you deploy an algorithms or manual scripts to fractionalize or distribute pooled votes to achieve the outcome you wish – you cannot prove they are doing it! See STUDY : “The use of trapdoor commitments in Bayer-Groth proofs and the implications for the verifiability of the Scytl-SwissPost Internet voting system”

This then descends into some madness about a zero knowledge proof being proof of zero integrity. And then there's some more algorithmic analysis bananas. And now circling back with a few more Akamai facts.

Wisconsin has EDGE GATEWAY port which is AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES based out of GERMANY. Using AKAMAI Technologies is allowing .gov sites to obfuscate and mask their systems by way of HURRICANE ELECTRIC (he.net) Kicking it to anonymous (AKAMAI Technologies) offshore servers.


tedu honked 04 Dec 2020 00:07 -0500
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It wasn't just sugar and gasoline being rationed during WWII. Apparently you needed ration stamps to buy typewriters as well.

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 23:52 -0500
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International mailing rules are kinda nuts.

Germany doesn't allow playing cards, except entire wrapped decks.

France doesn't allow saccharin in tablets or packets.

Spain doesn't allow any playing cards or saccharine at all.

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 23:19 -0500
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Crystal Light mix, sweetened with sucralose, says "no artificial flavors" on the label. I guess somebody ruled that sucralose isn't a flavor, but seems deceptive.

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 22:18 -0500
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I may need to drop Kayleigh from my list of favorite liars if she calls Pennsylvania Nevada for a third time.

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 19:06 -0500
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Time for another exciting round of "I hate John Gruber because he didn't mention my favorite Apple complaint".

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 18:09 -0500
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Should probably add a check to remove relative or invalid urls in the html scrubber. Gets caught by go template library, but that's the wrong layer. (Actually, need to double check what's happening.)

tedu bonked 03 Dec 2020 15:57 -0500
original: rin@patch.cx
convoy: https://patch.cx/contexts/a19b7240-0656-4677-91c2-18acf8bef333

revive the canary for reuse

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 15:33 -0500
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Today's edition of outside dining.


tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 14:04 -0500
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Who would win in a fight, a big newt or a crazy kraken?

tedu bonked 03 Dec 2020 13:56 -0500
original: benno@bsd.network
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Ooops, I broke it

Pocket calculator showing "syntax error"

tedu bonked 03 Dec 2020 13:54 -0500
original: cjd@mastodon.social
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I wonder how many icmp messages processes in a day.

I have pings running in tmux windows and I forget about them, I can't be the only one.

tedu bonked 03 Dec 2020 13:51 -0500
original: piggo@piggo.space
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hmm apparently™ linux programs are very creative in their interpretation of the 3 X11 clipboards, and shift+insert seemingly at random pastes from Primary, Secondary, and Clipboard. It could also be that Klipper secretly does something stupid

tedu bonked 03 Dec 2020 13:51 -0500
original: lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me
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tired: Ruby on Rails
wired: Lua for Lulz

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 13:12 -0500
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In a surprise twist, the audit that revealed 3% of votes in Arizona were switched from trump to biden may not be what it sounds like from the headline.

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 02:16 -0500
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Apparently Detroit style pizza is a (new) thing.

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 00:57 -0500
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From the intersection of facts matter and poisonous foods...

There is neurodegenerative disease lathyrism that you can develop from eating too many seeds of Lathyrus sativus, sometimes known as the chickling pea. Some people seem to call it the chickpea, however, causing confusion with Cicer arietinum, the species more likely found in grocery store. Just google for "chickpea lathyrism" to find examples.

tedu honked 03 Dec 2020 00:24 -0500
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Speaking of gene drive, just got to the let's turn ourselves into vaccine factories episode of Last Ship.

tedu honked 02 Dec 2020 22:41 -0500
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lol, Rudy declines to answer if he's an honest man.

tedu honked 02 Dec 2020 22:13 -0500
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I forgot Unix workstations used to have 13W3 graphics connectors.

tedu honked 02 Dec 2020 19:18 -0500
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Ah, the exciting return of Mr. Tech Tips's secret shopper investigation has concluded. Double bonus penalty to Dell for charging for two overlapping warranties. I can't imagine buying a computer over the phone. What a disaster.

tedu honked 02 Dec 2020 16:08 -0500
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Preserving this important testimony from the Michigan election hearing before "they" take it down.


@TepidButterASMR: Poll watcher in Michigan testifying that black lives matter people wore rhinestones. This was a problem for her.

@TepidButterASMR: This man walked up, swore himself in, and he's talking about his internet radio show. https://pic.twitter.com/DHYFAknPic

@TepidButterASMR: In his experience hosting an internet radio show he saw the voting machines connected to a router.

@TepidButterASMR: He is now crying because he needs proof the votes are valid (not that they were fraudulent) or they will not accept the results. Now getting applause.

@TepidButterASMR: This is Dave. Dave is struggling a little but to get his story out. His proof of fraud is that they stopped counting at night and in the morning when they restarted it was too quiet in the room.

@TepidButterASMR: https://pic.twitter.com/eKtpaRnnaI

@TepidButterASMR: Linda who is a nurse believes covid is fake. She believes only a sneeze or cough spreads covid. Having a mask below your nose does not spread covid. https://pic.twitter.com/i0kjiKSBcD

@TepidButterASMR: This is Holly there was fraud because she felt like the democrat watchers were looking at her. https://pic.twitter.com/ucrh4eDbhg

@TepidButterASMR: This is Robin she just said "cock blocking" she refused to wear a mask correctly and was harassed. She follows that up by saying "ADA" with no other explanation. https://pic.twitter.com/wNRe95P6sY

@TepidButterASMR: She keeps going over her time and everyone wants her to stop.

@TepidButterASMR: Here's Bill. I'm not sure what he's doing here. He doesn't seem positive either. He says the counting room was hot, he carried a thermometer that said 85 degrees. https://pic.twitter.com/FraV3sfp4k

@TepidButterASMR: Here's Matt, he loves FREEDOM. He was at the stop the steal rally. He wasn't a poll watcher. He is saying Obamas reign of destruction was caused by dominion voting machines. His testimony is about signs he saw at a rally. https://pic.twitter.com/zVlMiNzyzv

@TepidButterASMR: Mr Parker. He said he got tired waiting to get into watch the votes being counted and left. He thinks because of this they should pass a law to redo the entire election. https://pic.twitter.com/ylkdzevKQh

@TepidButterASMR: Polly. She said that so many ballots were only for Biden with nothing down ballots selected. She says the electors should elect Trump because that means it's fraud. https://pic.twitter.com/M8fF4qthR4

@TepidButterASMR: Vickie. An Asian man brought in ballots to be counted. That's it. That was her whole story. https://pic.twitter.com/cN2sLg8rFu

@TepidButterASMR: Vickie. A lot of the ballot envelopes were closed with packaging tape. She saw workers that had pens. https://pic.twitter.com/vLi5I4Z6fB

@TepidButterASMR: Now @SenPeterJLucido is asking questions but his question sounds like it was supposed to be for a different witness because she doesn't know what he's talking about.

@TepidButterASMR: John says ballots arrived to be counted after the "election deadline" which doesn't exist. He's now yelling. https://pic.twitter.com/7Y4A0fp5Ni

@TepidButterASMR: Terri said she saw a video at someones house that poll workers were told to be mean to her, she thinks maybe on YouTube. https://pic.twitter.com/vxRKjEd83d

@TepidButterASMR: Ronna Ross. You'll never guess. She felt harassed. She switched lanyards and lied about her party affiliation which she just admitted. There was not any signage for signing in and out, that was it. https://pic.twitter.com/EP9hoCRhAR

@TepidButterASMR: Eugene Greenstein. Absentee ballots are all fraudulent. He said he hadn't heard anyone else say this. https://pic.twitter.com/k1M6xllw8Z

@TepidButterASMR: Ms Halpert. People were mean. She said someone brandished a letter opener. Workers took to long to count military ballots, possibly on purpose. https://pic.twitter.com/rHrJHR3sPr

tedu honked back 02 Dec 2020 15:45 -0500
in reply to: https://blovice.bahnhof.cz/objects/aba0b1ad-d7f3-406f-94ad-7219ba1f09b6
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@pony oh, we're getting there. We need to invoke the insurrection act, declare martial law, call in the military, and disband the electoral college.

It sounds like a lot of work to save democracy, but better than turning into a banana republic. We don't want to be one of those countries where banana republic things happen, whatever they are.


tedu honked 02 Dec 2020 14:46 -0500
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Unanswered question I'm really hoping we get to the bottom of: why did Hugo Chavez design the system so that China would flip the votes? Wouldn't it have been simpler to keep all the vote flipping in country?

Just spitballing here, but if I were building an adversarial voting system to keep me in power, I would want to retain control over it instead of relying on foreign actors. Never know when your allies may turn on you.

tedu honked 02 Dec 2020 14:38 -0500
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Today's legal learning: if you want the court to do something in a hurry, you have to explain why. The magic word "emergency" is not by itself sufficient.

While the caption of the motion includes the word “emergency” and the attached proposed order seeks an “expedited” injunction, neither the motion nor the proposed order indicate whether the plaintiffs are asking the court to act more quickly or why. As indicated, the motion does not request a hearing. It does not propose a briefing schedule.


(There is also a rather cynical theory that the word emergency is there because it looks good on twitter, but not asking for an immediate ruling allows the court case to remain in progress for a longer time frame, but that's too much 4D chess for me to believe.)

tedu honked 02 Dec 2020 13:15 -0500
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There's a reason why every action in the #honk timeline uses two phase commit. (Not really, but you can't accidentally press any buttons while scrolling.)

tedu honked 02 Dec 2020 01:57 -0500
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Best offer for a coinbase "pro" market maker is zero fees? Not really much of an incentive.

tedu honked 02 Dec 2020 00:16 -0500
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Reminder that Jeff Zucker oversaw the shortlived Tonight Show with Conan disaster.

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 23:53 -0500
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If, like me, your favorite fiction genre is post apocalyptic ice age, you might like the comic Frostbite. Fairly short, basically mad max (fury road) on ice, with a bonus pandemic subplot. It's not groundbreaking, but I liked the art quite a bit.

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 22:10 -0500
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Repeal section 230 or defund the military. Hmmm.

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 21:38 -0500
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There is a school of thought that you don't add another s to a possessive name that already ends in s. As in Jones' vs Jones's.

They are wrong for many reasons, but here's another. If you ever write such a name and it finds its way into a redacted document, the trailing apostrophe gives away the last letter of the name.

-------' legal case

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 18:19 -0500
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Very suspicious that not a single democratic poll worker testifies about the voting process at any of these hearings. Very suspicious.

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 17:34 -0500
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Eventually that guy who kept barking about Dow Jones 50000 will be able to say, see I was right all along.

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 17:31 -0500
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"CISC is dead. RISC is king."

But ((this time for serious) for serious) for serious.

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 16:59 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-b8Vdb9fKjGYBYvH1py

Oh, right, I forgot that all the typos, mistakes, and errors are all part of the plan to distract democrats so they're unprepared for the real evidence that's going to be unleashed at scotus. And not at all indicative of sloppy work by qoolaid guzzlers unqualified to examine the analysis they're peddling.

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 16:51 -0500
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The kraken has now landed in Wisconsin. She will prove massive fraud in Wisconsin by examining security footage from the TCF center in Detroit.

(For those whose knowledge of US geography is on par with the kraken's, Detroit is in Michigan, not Wisconsin.)

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 15:40 -0500
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How long until Bill Barr is fired now?

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 14:54 -0500
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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook prices are still too damn high.

tedu bonked 01 Dec 2020 14:33 -0500
original: benno@bsd.network
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OpenBSD Errata: December 1st, 2020 (xmaplen)

Errata patches for the X server have been released for OpenBSD 6.7 and 6.8.

Multiple input validation failures in the X server XKB extension can lead to out of bounds memory accesses for authorized clients.

Binary updates for the amd64, i386, and arm64 platforms are available via the syspatch utility. Source code patches can be found on the respective errata page:


tedu bonked 01 Dec 2020 14:09 -0500
original: lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me
convoy: https://queer.hacktivis.me/contexts/6342f98f-da98-4d05-8ed7-3d2c7afe0742

Oh right, ActivityStreams 1.0 is gonna be 10 years old:
- February 2011 for the Atom version
- May 2011 for the JSON version

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 13:43 -0500
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Winter at the power plant.

Location: 39.9676 -75.1293


tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 13:17 -0500
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Today marks one week out from safe harbor deadline for electoral college. Which honestly isn't significant, or much of a deadline, but it's one stop closer to the end of this circus.

We are receiving reports that the dems are in a blind panic because their fraud is being exposed. Or will be in a panic when they realize what's happening. Or should be in a panic except they're too stupid. Unfortunately, the reports about who, when, and why people should panic are somewhat garbled. Hoping the events of the next few days bring some clarity to who's panicking.

Prediction: not much is going to change, and the apparent election result, as reported by the leftist media, will become the actual election result.

More speculatively, Jenna Ellis will post a dozen more tweets condescendingly reminding the media that Article II exists. But low confidence for that estimate. She could go nuts and post two dozen tweets. Or more.

tedu honked 01 Dec 2020 12:22 -0500
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In today's edition of printing is hard...

The kraken says Georgia's voting system certification was never dated. Except it is. At the bottom. Where you'd expect it to be. Also where it would be cut off if you print it in landscape...

Compare court exhibit: https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.gand.284055/gov.uscourts.gand.284055.1.6.pdf

Compare state document: https://sos.ga.gov/admin/uploads/Dominion_Certification.pdf

Modern technology is too much for the strike force. Trying to be charitable here and guess they didn't print it sideways on purpose to fool the court, because that would be naughty.

tedu honked 30 Nov 2020 22:03 -0500
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Clearing my schedule for some Wednesday afternoon #freedomball. Just the way the sport was meant to be played.

tedu honked 30 Nov 2020 20:48 -0500
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Do you think we'll ever get to see the packets that went from voting machines in Arizona to Frankfurt? Even if they never get a court case, will I be able to download a tarball of packets someday?

Vid: https://twitter.com/NatyLiy/status/1333500580287950849

tedu honked 30 Nov 2020 16:06 -0500
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New information diet: sauceless numbers only.

tedu honked 30 Nov 2020 15:20 -0500
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AMD stonkripper.

tedu honked 30 Nov 2020 13:44 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-2BFcj436KWP11c4cl7

Five million illegal aliens in Arizona sure sounds like a lot.

tedu honked 30 Nov 2020 13:16 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-3YkX3Wr9pvjvq5gGc6

Yes, yes, it's all true. I talked to the guy, who's the son of the guy, who talked to the guy who saw it. Is that not proof enough?

tedu honked 29 Nov 2020 18:26 -0500
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If we were serious about energy independence, we'd harness the prove me wrong energy being emanated by Scott Adams.

tedu honked 29 Nov 2020 13:15 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-491SWtvf61s6323t4f

Long boy Chem Sirius has entered the chat.

Location: 39.95 -75.14

The Chem Sirius

tedu honked 29 Nov 2020 12:34 -0500
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Starting to wonder at what point perceived realities will start converging. At some point I would think "we won" has to morph into "we should have won". Are we still going to be hearing about how scotus will change everything after inauguration?

Of course, that's my own biased view. Apparently I'm low information. So I guess the question the other way is what is CNN going to do when Trump is inaugurated? Will they air a fake moon landing style inauguration with Biden to keep the sheeple complacent?

Will be kind of amazing if we go full man in the high castle. President Biden on CNN; president Trump on OAN. Everybody chooses their own reality.

tedu honked 29 Nov 2020 11:54 -0500
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What's inside today's box on the advent calendar of losing?

Trump paid $3 million for a Wisconsin recount that increased Biden's lead by 87 votes.

tedu honked 28 Nov 2020 21:20 -0500
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From a cognitive perspective, I'm curious what people think when they see comments like "Looking forward to the 4D chess spin from the snake handlers how it’s all been part of the plan." Is the response just "well it is part of the plan"? Any consideration or second guessing that maybe it's bad news?