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tedu honked 31 Oct 2020 00:00 -0400
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Whenever I watch a tv scene where they do the "give me your cell phone so I can stick it in the magneto bag" bit, or read about some real life variation of it to get into some ultra luxe club whatever, I always ask why they assume people only have one phone. There's never a patdown or search. Presumably you'll get into trouble if they catch you using it, but that goes for the first phone, too. Just seems very sloppy.

Anyway, I think the punchline is you should definitely hire me to run security for your extremely private but totally legal meetings, birthday parties, etc., to avoid such lapses.

tedu honked 30 Oct 2020 21:39 -0400
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Ahhhh, jackpot! Blindspot S1E6.

"Maybe if you were writing in python instead of perl you'd move faster."

"What's wrong with perl?"

"Nothing, if you're designing a website in the late 90s."

Wonder who the tech adviser was for this show.

tedu honked 30 Oct 2020 20:36 -0400
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Pertinent map of the now.

mischief night

tedu honked 30 Oct 2020 20:16 -0400
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Blasted curfew preventing me from wasting money and shortening my lifespan.

tedu honked 30 Oct 2020 19:11 -0400
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Today I learned people think sea salt is low sodium.

tedu honked 30 Oct 2020 15:32 -0400
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A universal theory of online discussion

A good online discussion will have people posting information that not everybody knows. A thread in which only things that everybody knows is a bad discussion.

Unfortunately, things not known by everyone can only be posted by the people who do know. Secondly, not everyone is qualified to evaluate such comments, and they receive fewer up smashes. On the other hand, everybody can post things everybody knows. And they do. And since everybody agrees, such comments get smashed to the top.

Consequently, all of the biggest most popular discussions are bad.

(This is independent of whether what everyone knows is true, but that's a separate matter.)

tedu honked 30 Oct 2020 14:40 -0400
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Should have stuck with online only.

Location: 39.95 -75.17

Boarded up allbirds store

tedu honked 30 Oct 2020 14:09 -0400
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Of the 4000 forum comments about the youtube-dl takedown, were there any good ones? Not just random spewage that you agreed with, but something that actually made you think?

tedu honked 30 Oct 2020 14:01 -0400
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"It's the economy, stupid."

tedu honked 29 Oct 2020 22:13 -0400
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Today in great product reviews: "I put my 100% wool sweater in the dryer and it shrank. 1 star."

tedu honked 29 Oct 2020 21:20 -0400
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New TV show viewing: Blindspot.

First sign of trouble: less than 30 minutes into the first episode, we have some secret Chinese emails that nobody on the show can read. Meanwhile, I can read them just fine. It's kernel/groups.c from the linux source.

tedu honked 29 Oct 2020 11:57 -0400
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Thank goodness the government is keeping track of what causes celebrities support. Wouldn't want mixed messages in the propaganda.

The same document indicates that singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera “is an Obama-supporting Democrat and a gay rights supporting liberal”; singer Adam Levine is a “liberal Democrat who supported Obama and fights for gay rights”; singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake “publicly endorsed Obama and supports gay marriage”; actor Johnny Depp “appears to be aligned with the liberal left”; and actor Jack Black is “known to be a classic Hollywood liberal.”


tedu honked 28 Oct 2020 15:36 -0400
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Poor stonks, so tired of winning.

tedu honked 28 Oct 2020 13:00 -0400
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Barricading my door so the wayland strike force doesn't break in and destroy all my X servers.