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Somewhere in time and space, things are happening.

tedu honked 16 Feb 2020 20:25 -0500
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Usable space on the 10TB I paid $300 for is only 8.73

Found the first time hard drive buyer.

tedu honked 16 Feb 2020 17:37 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-rNZg6TsD1ZzfZ6D2RG

Product Name: Xeon octacosa-core

If you're not rich enough to know how many cores that is, you can't afford it.

tedu honked 16 Feb 2020 04:53 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-dNQ7Cmmw47Xn13KYH1

Change arm64 system call ABI to skip two instructions. This allows us to insert a barrier after each system call to address a speculative execution issue discovered by Anthony Steinhauser.


tedu honked 16 Feb 2020 01:34 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-VfS5jB52N4B92y31kT

Amazing... namecheap is having some dumb issue or another, and I notice there's a tiny --> at the top of the page. Who didn't close their comment properly?

View souce, and hahaha, they just dumped the nginx 502 error, complete with its own comments, into the comment. Remember that time your HTML 101 professor told you comments don't nest? Comments don't nest. Self injection ftw.

<!-- Error during loading by src "datalayer/ProcessRequestWithScript": <html>
<head><title>502 Bad Gateway</title></head>
<center><h1>502 Bad Gateway</h1></center>
<!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page -->
<!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page -->
<!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page -->
<!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page -->
<!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page -->
<!-- a padding to disable MSIE and Chrome friendly error page -->

tedu honked 15 Feb 2020 20:45 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-T89BB3XCytlw7MqP62

Haha, adventures in social ux:

TIL if you're blocked by someone on twitter, you can't undo your retweets of them anyway i had to write a script to block john cusack through the twitter api as a workaround so there you go

tedu honked 14 Feb 2020 21:38 -0500
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"Man City banned for two years" is peak Valentine's day.

tedu honked 14 Feb 2020 20:19 -0500
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Black holes are amazing.


tedu honked 14 Feb 2020 19:19 -0500
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Wish fulfillment fantasy

If I find a magic genie, I'm going to wish to become an online forum genie, giving people exactly what they say they want.

(I don't believe this violates the more wishes rule since the wishes aren't for me.)

tedu honked 14 Feb 2020 12:47 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-256B79t6xQMN24B8rq

Need to start mining ethereum again to stay warm.

tedu honked 14 Feb 2020 12:26 -0500
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The role of the high-reputation Venture Capital provides a tastemaker function which provides a signal and Schelling Point for potentially economically and socially valuable projects.

Why would you ever choose to express this idea using those words?

tedu honked 13 Feb 2020 23:09 -0500
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It's the little things that make all the difference.

115612 -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 166664 May 7 2018 /bin/less
106255 -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 43008 Jan 10 2019 /bin/more


364326 -r-xr-xr-x 2 root bin 162040 Oct 11 2018 /usr/bin/less
364326 -r-xr-xr-x 2 root bin 162040 Oct 11 2018 /usr/bin/more

tedu honked 13 Feb 2020 19:21 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-f2M7Z4nvZR1L1G3Q8L

The NetBSD man page for le is filled with some lovely historical notes.


All sun3 systems are presumed to have this bad revision of the Am7990, until proven otherwise. Alas, the only way to prove what revision of the chip is in a particular system is inspection of the date code on the chip package, to compare against a list of what chip revisions were fabricated between which dates.

Alas, the Am7990 chip is so old that AMD has "de-archived" the production information about it; pending a search elsewhere, we don't know how to identify the revision C chip from the date codes.

tedu honked 13 Feb 2020 19:14 -0500
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Good ol' AMD LANCE Ethernet.

tedu honked 13 Feb 2020 10:26 -0500
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Oof. Complain about Android bloat, hit refresh, get a giant Duke straight to the retina.

tedu bonked 13 Feb 2020 10:24 -0500
original: feld@bikeshed.party
convoy: https://bikeshed.party/contexts/1b3441c8-e9a6-4195-8534-a3c3fd1bcd17

this is just stupid


tedu honked 13 Feb 2020 10:20 -0500
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Small timers in my feed complaining about Android using 1 GB of memory. That's all?

2.2 GB all for android

tedu honked 13 Feb 2020 08:43 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-J7rWXxl1L14LT41Vm2

Every time someone explains why I should learn to use git "properly" my interest in doing so is reset to zero.

tedu honked 13 Feb 2020 07:21 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-dZXW938L3XZy9zDwMl

I guess there's been a few times when I was annoyed at how long it took to scroll through some file, but I never thought the solution might be to shop for an electromagnetic mouse wheel. Like either the file is too big or the mouse settings are too slow, but it never occurred to me that my finger is too weak to physically spin the wheel fast enough.

The Electromagnetic MagSpeed wheel on MX Master 3 is up to 90% faster than scroll wheel of a regular mouse so you can effortlessly scroll 1,000 lines of code in a second.


tedu honked 13 Feb 2020 06:34 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-PG82d1ZlyVb6J12fg6

The calendar says #today is Throwback Thursday, and thus, per the terms of my parole, here are some pop culture links from the time before.

Music video for "Pony" by Ginuwine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbnoG2dsUk0

LA Weekly column with an analysis of the lyrics, a photo of Ginuwine licking a woman's face, and a story about a failed 10th grade makeout session: https://www.laweekly.com/ginuwines-pony-why-this-song-sucks/

tedu honked 12 Feb 2020 23:08 -0500
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So what's not new in the world of #Android security?

Back in September 2018, I reported a security bug in the /proc/$pid/stack interface and sent a patch that restricts this interface to root. That patch was quickly applied to mainline, the upstream stable trees, and the Android common kernel. Someone even assigned a CVE identifier to it, CVE-2018-17972. But in the Android ecosystem, that doesn't mean that it actually makes its way into device kernels - and at least on this Samsung phone, it still hadn't landed in a build with security patch level "1 November 2019".

tedu honked 12 Feb 2020 22:50 -0500
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I don't know what I've been buying to trigger this but amazon has decided my new top pick is... rods. Buy it and see?

Rods. Two.

tedu honked 12 Feb 2020 18:52 -0500
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Cons: 250W CPU support limited to lighter overclocking

tedu honked 11 Feb 2020 19:31 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-7VKSg2v7t7x5W54Ntc

PC World does hands on testing with the new kickstarter laptop designed by /r/linux. Six expansion slots, detachable keyboard with full 102 key layout, real spring loaded keys. Everything you could want.

PC World issue 2 with first IBM portable poolside

tedu honked 11 Feb 2020 18:13 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-tLPZQpDZM9c9L2G94J

Hacking my phone to hide all notifications from amazon music, but not before taking a screenshot and texting it to the program manager responsible.

tedu honked 11 Feb 2020 18:07 -0500
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    if $_ansi_escapes_are_valid; then
printf "\33[1minfo:\33[0m downloading installer\n" 1>&2

tedu honked 10 Feb 2020 16:38 -0500
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Heh, if you unplug a device from chromeos without asking permission, the notification literally says "Woah."

tedu honked 10 Feb 2020 15:19 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-QVlGDdS1nvwvDjZGGR

New barista saw me studying the hand pour menu: That's just the hand pours; the normal menu is over there.

Veteran barista: He knows what he's doing.


tedu honked back 10 Feb 2020 14:56 -0500
in reply to: https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/nHd5vMcSN3SxdfQSDf
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For example, I might quote from section 7.1.1 Definitions of terms:

1 A string is a contiguous sequence of characters terminated by and including the first null character.

Or section The snprintf function:

3 The snprintf function returns the number of characters that would have been written had n been sufficiently large, not counting the terminating null character, or a negative value if an encoding error occurred. Thus, the null-terminated output has been completely written if and only if the returned value is nonnegative and less than n.

tedu honked 10 Feb 2020 14:51 -0500
convoy: data:,electrichonkytonk-nVfmxTvLl1768hBdSJ

Reminder that the #C standard says null-terminated strings are null terminated.

Don't be this guy, posting pedantic bullshit without fact checking: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22283042

The C standard is a fairly short read, and draft versions are freely available. You can very easily make correct, precise, and verifiable claims simply by quoting it. Or you can be an internet.