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April honkers bring May thonkers.

tedu honked 07 Apr 2020 07:16 -0400
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I found a fresh new mobile web hell: this site has an auto scrolling carousel, but with differing number of entries per slide, so the height varies on mobile. And it continues rotating even after scrolling past it, causing the page to jump up and down. Excellent work web team.


tedu honked 06 Apr 2020 21:43 -0400
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If I record my entire Greedfall playthrough, I think I'm going to end up with 1 TB of video. Do people actually do this?

tedu honked 06 Apr 2020 07:49 -0400
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Telling ublock I'm allowed to have a little javascript as a treat.

tedu honked 06 Apr 2020 07:24 -0400
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Suspension honk.tedunangst.com mastodonではない為。


tedu honked 05 Apr 2020 16:56 -0400
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Eight years ago was such a simpler time.


tedu honked 05 Apr 2020 16:43 -0400
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Dodging people on the sidewalk like boss level frogger.

tedu honked 05 Apr 2020 02:05 -0400
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That the Undertaker is still wrestling is the most alarming news of the day.

tedu honked 04 Apr 2020 20:19 -0400
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I wonder if that time somebody called to ask if my refrigerator was running counts as a cyber attack.

tedu honked 04 Apr 2020 19:59 -0400
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I started playing Greedfall after all. Literally the first quest is to hunt down an alchemist selling a fake miracle cure in the middle of a plague.

tedu honked 04 Apr 2020 19:08 -0400
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Oh, max noice, running fahclient on my debian box crashed, then triggered a kernel panic. Probably hardware something, I never quite loaded it this much.

tedu honked 04 Apr 2020 18:09 -0400
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People doing technical analysis of turnip prices... The trailing indicator shows a steady decline ready for a breakout after touching the low support, but be cautious it's not a sinking trap.

tedu honked 04 Apr 2020 17:50 -0400
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Keep yourself safe from honkbombing with this one weird trick.

tedu honked 04 Apr 2020 17:43 -0400
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My life is a flat circle of monitoring CPU temperatures and checking coolant levels.

tedu bonked 04 Apr 2020 17:42 -0400
original: piggo@piggo.space
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so my selfhosted spotify is objectively worse in almost every aspect, and the hosting costs about the same as the subscription

but it's FOSS tho

tedu honked 04 Apr 2020 17:22 -0400
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Closing in on a million fold bucks.

tedu honked 04 Apr 2020 16:15 -0400
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Today's firefox fortune:

###!!! [Parent][DispatchAsyncMessage] Error: PBackgroundIDBDatabase::Msg_PBackgroundIDBTransactionConstructor Value error: message was deserialized, but contained an illegal value

tedu honked 03 Apr 2020 18:03 -0400
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My second favorite Taylor Swift video is Girl Next Door.

tedu honked 03 Apr 2020 16:55 -0400
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DZ: PPE required

DZ: PPE required

Location: 39.97 -75.13

Protective equipment required

tedu honked 03 Apr 2020 16:27 -0400
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DZ: sick

DZ: sick


tedu honked 03 Apr 2020 15:17 -0400
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New data center's policy seems to be to resolve all problem tickets immediately, then tell me there's no problem. I guess they're doing the important part, fixing the problem, but it's kinda awkward.

tedu honked 03 Apr 2020 04:43 -0400
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Please do not use a comcast.net email address to purchase a license key.

Wish I could learn the story behind that. (https://unraid.net/pricing)

tedu honked 03 Apr 2020 02:29 -0400
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I need a cooldown timer for my bookmarks so I don't keep instictively clicking the same site on autopilot every time I get distracted.

tedu honked 03 Apr 2020 02:19 -0400
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Windows "power usage impact" column is a nice idea, but when folding@home and chrome receive the same rating, "very high", I'm not sure how useful it is. Chrome is a pig, but I really doubt the impact on my electric bill is the same from both programs.

tedu honked 03 Apr 2020 02:16 -0400
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A month earlier, someone in Bird's IT department had been tasked by his superiors to write a script that would allow the company to instantly shut down all of a user's accounts – computer, email, Slack – with the click of a single button, according to an employee. He was told the script would be used for general off-boarding rather than the mass layoff that he ended up being included in.

Digging your own grave. Ouch.

tedu bonked 02 Apr 2020 23:45 -0400
original: codl@chitter.xyz
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today i clicked on an email button on a web site and it opened a new message in my email client with no set recipient but with body text: "Hello, I invite you to visit website.tld"

tedu honked 02 Apr 2020 20:57 -0400
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How did they know I only have one plant? Are they watching me?

Visit your one house plant

tedu honked 02 Apr 2020 17:38 -0400
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Spotted some deviants at the grocery store. Haven't they heard masks aren't accepted in American society?

tedu honked 02 Apr 2020 16:18 -0400
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Will QUIC replace steam DRM???

tedu honked 02 Apr 2020 16:09 -0400
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Got my vitamin D for the day.

tedu honked 02 Apr 2020 15:18 -0400
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Good news for the gays. You only need to go three months without sex to donate blood now. Nothing like a crisis to bring not quite equality to the people.

tedu honked 02 Apr 2020 14:22 -0400
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Oh, oops, opened a youtube tab in the private window. Was wondering what happened to my dude linus.

tedu honked 02 Apr 2020 03:55 -0400
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I need to get some knuckle tats if I want to become a razer laptop hand model.

tedu honked 02 Apr 2020 03:45 -0400
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Seems Nvidia press embargo ended at midnight Pacific time.