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is it honking time? it's honking time.

pardon the dust. advanced filtration is recommended.


tedu honked 20 Apr 2019 20:14 https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/k4jG3ZbtCgRWkp9b6q
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Today's featured function: makeitworksomehowwithoutregardforkeycontinuity. Does what it says.


tedu bonked 20 Apr 2019 19:15 https://bsd.network/users/benno/statuses/101959885981567729
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tedu tonked 20 Apr 2019 02:52 https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/zYXp9K2JZvNXh4k2ZL
in reply to: https://bolddaemon.com/u/qbit/h/62m91VY1tn1V16k81J
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@https://bolddaemon.com/u/qbit thanks... reinstall? almost didn't get your message, after a signature failure. guess it's time to consider refetching keys in the case of failure.

btw, another change to schema to add userid column, which I snuck into previous update, watch for it.


tedu tonked 19 Apr 2019 22:28 https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/6HCvFtWB9tZkSGh3Bb
in reply to: https://pleroma.site/objects/1357b02a-d416-4a4f-9f18-2beda63fd6c2
convoy: https://pleroma.site/contexts/4231920b-c9d0-46dc-a66a-f6700c584d97

@kaniini everyone knows you're supposed to use the 35 passes of the guttman method, right?


tedu tonked 19 Apr 2019 19:07 https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/9PCh33L3629v3v324g
in reply to: https://icosahedron.website/users/zge/statuses/101954245015580659
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@zge no, I haven't had a thinkpad with the moon key for years now.


tedu bonked 19 Apr 2019 17:43 https://birb.site/users/charlag/statuses/101953906407268785
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"Why don't browsers allocate bigger stack?"
Because shitty online games which rely on stack overflows for obfuscation are breaking then, that's why. For reals.


tedu honked 19 Apr 2019 17:38 https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/vR34M9JM7Gff1LNwRj
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TIL that Fn-4 (not Fn-F4) will suspend my thinkpad.

Hot or not take: RSA should be treated like lead solder. If you want to use it, you have to fill out a form explaining why you can't use a safer alternative.

@qbit I kinda wish there was more info available in that case, but that's about all I get.

@kaniini see "elsif ['application/activity+json', 'application/ld+json'].include?(response.mime_type)" in mastodon/app/services/fetch_atom_service.rb

I think you're not going in there.

@foxhkron sorry to jump in, but you return content-type application/json instead of activity+josn or ld+json.

Tried wearing "quick" "dry" "technical" "fabric" "travel" shorts on a hot day. Now my phone screen is steamed up like it came from the sauna. Better living through technology!

@https://a4.io nice fix. I knew picking my own key fragment would pay off. :) Ironically, examining little boxes was a great benefit to me when trying to determine how http sigs worked. So thanks for that.


tedu bonked 17 Apr 2019 22:10 https://a4.io/outbox/8650596b36ec8926/activity

@tedu@honk.tedunangst.com I finally found and fixed the communication issue with honk!

It was indeed a (subtle) bug in my HTTP signature verification.

robert@ modified www/{chromium,iridium}: disable wasm (WebAssembly) by default because it is a disaster


This commit changes the default for both the Chromium and Iridium browsers in #OpenBSD ports.

Good riddance.

@rin may we live with interesting protocols... thanks.

@jeff no, smaller instance. definitely looks like pleroma in a browser... sorry for being vague, seems wrong to publicly identify. I imagine this is unintentional, but I've been wrong before. I guess I'll file a bug.

@jeff based on the object urls and litepub schema, it looks like pleroma.

Got my first Block. Which raises the question, what is honk supposed to do? Extra not talk to you?

Also, Pleroma peoples, I think I was supposed to not receive this? Spec says Block is client to server, but explicitly not federated to the object? Or is current practice other than specified?

The disclosure timeline in this post is a thing of beauty. "Quarkslab replies that it is not possible to coordinate disclosure if one of the involved parties -the reporter- has no information about whether the bugs are confirmed and if and when the vendor plans to issue fixes, and that it cannot agree to sign an NDA that would prevent reporting to customers and the general public and provide transparency about how the disclosure process was handled." The rest of the post is great too.


@qbit ugh, so now I'm converting everything to use go.mod and it very helpfully rolled several dependencies back to the stone age because everybody is living in a post version github master world and the last tag is years old. this is why I always try to be last in line for any dev stack upgrade. :)

@qbit some people, who shall not be named, were steering clear because it seemed likely to change in a way that would end up requiring rework. I think 1.12 changes that expectation.

UX fail: Door has security code 1234. Some joker pushes 9, walks away. I enter 1234, lock sees 9123, beeps angrily. Then *remembers* the 4. I enter 1234, lock sees 4123, more beeping. Repeat, repeat.

@lanodan With an example passwd entry that has a blank password. Another era.

And one more for good measure! This scorpionfish was quite patient as I fidged with the shutter speed. #techdiving From https://kristaps.bsd.lv/photo0082.html.

"The emperor is naked, but I rolled some dice and at least these values aren't zero." Points for style at least... Sounds like a comment you'd find under the games/ directory.


@kaniini of course. noticed that, but wasn't sure what happened. the things they don't teach you in school...

Many thanks to @kaniini who figured out what I was doing wrong while trying to communicate with pleroma.

Something else that's been really frustrating the past few days: Hyper Light Drifter. But not in a bad way.

A federation complaint that's actually a browser complaint: I crashed chrome by running it out of file descriptors trying to see what a honk looked like on another site.

@kaniini Thanks for looking. They should have names, unless the attribute is supposed to be somewhere else? See attached. But Mastodon as well just used the URL tail as a name, so it seems I've not gotten it quite right.

Attachment: honk.json

@kaniini oh... my read of the spec is pretty clear shared inbox is optional and MAY be used. But it's also perfectly compliant to reject just about any message for any reason. :)

I may not get to shared inbox today, but I suppose it's inching up in priority.

Version Twosday is here. honk v0.2.0 reclassifies even more bugs as features. Most of the things that were kinda iffy (but not deliberately so) in 0.1 are now better. Even got to test database schema upgrades.

This also concludes the first round of our scheduled live fire test honking. We will return to regular boring noise making soon.


Adding retries to message delivery has had exactly the expected effect: further rounds of failure.

Now possible to attach text files to honks. Useful for diffs, etc., and though email is perhaps better suited, I've already received two patches via links to paste sites, so this should reduce friction.

As ever, somewhat mysterious what happens with other software.

Attachment: smalltest.txt

In other news, it seems the quick workaround for pleroma didn't take... Perhaps I misunderstood what's needed.

This looks like the commit (https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma/commit/cf9ba8fe1b5a701488889c4bfdde46e7f00b9ebc) but adding summary to honks didn't result in fewer 500s.

One mystery solved. Mastodon really does just ignore crappy deletions. https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/pull/10326/commits/f738c690234daefa1fd6bd9ed8f11508ffff3496 I would say if you're sending so much crap you DOS yourself (https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/issues/9377) the solution would be to send less crap...

The entire idea seems suspect. The servers you know about are not the same as the servers that know about you. No reason to even believe there's significant overlap. Instead of notifying the correct people, it's just useless noise.

Weird... glitch-soc sets the "actor" of an update activity to the id of the note being updated. honk disapproves. self-updating statuses is how the machines take control.

Another problem with deletion in the federation: messages arrive out of order. More than once I've received the delete first, followed by the create. Result: not deleted.

BOOM! 💥 ​

"jsg@ changed sys/dev/pci/drm: Update shared drm code, inteldrm(4) and radeondrm(4) from linux 4.4 to linux 4.19.34.

Adds support for more Intel hardware:
Broxton/Apollo Lake (was is_preliminary in 4.4)
Amber Lake (another Kaby Lake refresh)
Gemini Lake
Coffee Lake
Whiskey Lake
Cannon Lake (though no hardware with Intel graphics ever shipped)
Ice Lake (alpha support, hardware not released)."

#OpenBSD 6.5 -current begins with a bang.



Extortion spam hilarity: the guy who keeps hacking my webcam and demanding hush money has moved his message from text to an attached jpeg to avoid filters, but didn't alter the instructions about copying and pasting his bitcoin address, which is now impossible.

Oh, this is hilarious. The was a 128 pixel crop of a screenshot. Heavy M somehow found the original dimensions in the meta data, and most helpfully uncropped it into an enormous desktop sized png.

now supports custom emus.

@qbit Thanks. I changed everything about it, but the result is about the same. :)

Interesting. If I search for "remove duplicates array" the first 20 or so results are all about javascript. (Use filter, but no discussion of runtime or efficiency.) If I add unsorted to the query, the results switch to java and the answer changes to sort it first, which defeats the purpose.

Exciting new federation failure mode: IPv6. Even IPv6 "only" servers may have 6to4 gateways. But federation requires two way comms for key exchange, follow/accept dance, etc. and IPv4 server can't reply to messages received from IPv6 only.

@moritzbuhl I'm not certain about long honks, but I think that's actually a limitation imposed by the front end. No desire to test it, but I'd guess it's received. (The 500 char limit doesn't apply to URLs, so you can blow past it and messages still flow.)