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tedu honked 14 Apr 2024 23:49 -0400

So I installed kate because it was on HN and it looked cool, and... look at this disaster. There's like six different sizes of icons, nothing has borders, it's all out of alignment. I have no idea what's going on with the help button. Or the +100 in the top corner. Year of the linux desktop, baby, +100.

kate screenshot

tedu honked 14 Apr 2024 23:32 -0400

Implementing basic totp turned out to be very easy, so that may be coming soon to the honknet. To thwart high value spearphishing attacks and all that.

tedu honked 14 Apr 2024 18:51 -0400

. Fake news alert! . Wikipedia claims that Henry González's birthday May 3 is celebrated as national taco day, but the latter article says it's October 4, before reversing itself and saying that's not a holiday.

tedu honked 14 Apr 2024 17:31 -0400

I discover a new bug in my email setup approximately every two months, which seems highly correlated with the fact I send about one email per two months.

tedu bonked 14 Apr 2024 17:23 -0400
original: evanprodromou@evanp.me

My friend Evan Henshaw-Plath wrote recently about some concerns with ActivityPub. I want to go over his concerns one by one and give some assessment of how accurate and important I think they are. Rabble’s words in italics; my responses in just normal text.

  • User identities are tied to a server. This is only partially true; your user identity is tied to a domain, not a server. But most servers only handle one domain, and most people don’t move their domains between servers. We have a section on domain portability between servers on the ActivityPub Data Portability report.
    Using domains is also how much of the Internet works. Email addresses are tied to a domain; Web sites are tied to a domain. You can move the domain between different implementations transparently. It’s a really robust architecture that has stood the test of time for almost 50 years.
  • Users can’t migrate between servers. Partially true. Rabble covers the essentials; you can move followers and not much else. It’s also possible to move your “stuff” between identities; that’s most of what our Data Portability task force is working on.
  • On a single server, it is impossible to change your username! Somewhat true. ActivityPub identities are URLs like https://social.example/user/vtles1XgZkPUEulBsFmRX . That identity URL is immutable; you can’t change it. Some implementations include a username in that url, like https://other.example/user/evanp. With that kind of server software, it’s true, you can’t change the username.
    Also, we use a standard called Webfinger that maps an identity string like username@domain to an URL. You can read about it in the ActivityPub Webfinger report. Some servers use that string, instead of the ActivityPub ID, as the unique ID for a remote user. That’s discouraged, but if someone does that, changing your user ID will make you no longer findable for those other servers. I think as we stabilize our use of WebFinger, some of these usages are going to get better.
  • Fediverse servers have total control over your account and data. True. This is the “federation” part of the fediverse. It’s how Web sites and email work. Don’t use a fediverse server without a good trust relationship with your server admin; ideally someone you have a business relationship with, or your employer, or your university. Same goes for email!
    It also means that if you control your own server, you have total control over your account and data. That’s a feature, not a bug.
    Another option is using a cooperative server, like cosocial.ca or social.coop. A cooperative is a legal structure in which members pay for and manage their own service. I think cooperatives are awesome.
  • The fediverse is a network of fiefdoms, each server admin having total control over their users. This seems about the same as the previous statement, but OK. I think the key strength of the fediverse here is that we can have dozens of different models for server governance — coops, enterprises, city libraries, family servers, individual servers. That level of experimentation is a feature, not a bug. Governance is not baked into the protocol.
  • Each kind of fediverse server is isolated. This one is just plain wrong. ActivityPub is based on an open data standard called Activity Streams 2.0 (AS2) which models social data. There is an extensive standard vocabulary that can represent Web content like text, images, video and audio, and the social graph, but also well-known social interactions like check-ins, events, and groups. More importantly, Activity Streams 2.0 is extensible, meaning you can add properties to existing types, or whole new types of objects or interactions. And every ActivityPub server is built to handle AS2.
    What is true is that we have had a lot of servers that only handle a subset of the AS2 vocabulary, and reject content they don’t know how to handle. This is mostly due to mimicking the siloed social networks; we’ve gotten used to thinking of different social networks for different kinds of content. I think this is changing, especially as new kinds of content hit the network. Developers are just learning how to effectively handle extension content with fallback representations. I look forward to this improving over time.
  • The fediverse has no privacy; there is no system of end-to-end encrypted messaging. The first part is false; you can mark your posts as followers-only, or directed to a single person, or a group of people. Servers enforce this privacy. You can also mark that you don’t want your public posts to be indexable or your public account to be discoverable.
    However, the second part is true; we don’t have end-to-end encryption. So, if you send a private message to someone on another server, you message can be read by both your admin and their admin. It’s stored in the clear on both servers. This is also how email works, as well as most direct messages on commercial social networks. However, it’s something worth working on. I’ve sketched out an architecture for end-to-end encryption over ActivityPub, and I’ve got a proposal out to work on it for Summer of Protocols. I think it will be good to level this up!
  • The fediverse has no system for micropayments. This is true. The fediverse is also first and foremost for social networking — connecting to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Most of these interactions are not mediated by payment; in fact, payment cheapens those interactions.
    However, there are other relationship types on the fediverse — supporting creators, journalists, or publishers. The main way to do this today is with paid subscriptions; for example, you can subscribe to evanplus@prodromou.pub to get access to premium content I publish. You have to send me US$5 out-of-band or I won’t approve the follow; that’s the state of play right now on the fediverse.
    I think in-band payments are kind of cool for this kind of work, as well as for marketplaces — buying and selling services or goods over the fediverse. I think the easiest structure is adding payment URLs like a PayPal account, or blockchain wallets like a Bitcoin Lightning address.
  • Lastly, and most importantly for me, the culture of fediverse server admins and developers is vindictive. I don’t think this is the case; I love the culture of the fediverse, which is playful, conversational, and collaborative.

I think there are a plenty of good points in Rabble’s critique, but there’s one way that I think he’s extremely wrong. There is still a lot to do in the ActivityPub ecosystem, but we have the architecture and extension mechanisms to make them possible. It’s totally not required to go start a whole new social protocol to build those things in from scratch. In fact, it’s a real mistake; it’s far better to work from the existing standard and build on it. Open standards like ActivityPub have a legitimacy that ad hoc systems like Nostr can never have, and it’s the reason that there is so much interesting development going on in the ActivityPub world.



tedu honked 14 Apr 2024 16:45 -0400

Forgot to bring my 6mm lens with me today; tried to fix some keystone in post.

The Bellevue with lots of scaffolding covering half the building The Bellevue with lots of scaffolding covering half the building

tedu honked 14 Apr 2024 16:23 -0400

Have watched two episodes of fallout, and it's great, but I don't feel like binging it. Probably the best show I haven't been in a hurry to watch. Weird.

tedu honked 14 Apr 2024 15:58 -0400

There's so much pollen on my phone screen it's making it hard to read.

tedu honked 14 Apr 2024 14:03 -0400

You like manga? How about mangaweka?

New Zealand country side New Zealand country side New Zealand country side New Zealand country side

tedu honked 13 Apr 2024 20:04 -0400

I want to write a new event/logging system, although this will probably be an enormous waste of time.

tedu honked 12 Apr 2024 21:52 -0400

Watching Star Trek discovery and enterprise at the same time gives me a fresh appreciation for enterprise. It promised cowboys in space, it delivered cowboys in space.

tedu honked 12 Apr 2024 20:44 -0400

"Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve hits 16-year low"

I imagine this headline is supposed to be alarming in some sense, but if you told me "imagine it's going to be like eating pancakes in 2008" I'd just say "okay".

tedu honked 12 Apr 2024 19:38 -0400

The pay by the ounce pour your own beer bar also has cold brew coffee for 0.61 per ounce, or about $9.76 for an iced coffee sans ice.


Location: Tapster 39.95 -75.17

tedu honked 12 Apr 2024 19:00 -0400

The primary function of my RSS reader these days appears to be for me to login once a week and smash 'read' on daring fireball posts.

tedu honked 11 Apr 2024 17:28 -0400

Does anybody anywhere care about any of the characters on Discovery? Am I terrible person because Terran Georgiou was the last person I cared about?

tedu honked back 11 Apr 2024 16:32 -0400
in reply to: https://mstdn.io/users/wolf480pl/statuses/112254364520094691

@wolf480pl somewhat of an open question whether activitypub is for message delivery or RPC.

A number of people seem to lean towards RPC, which turns out to be quite annoying because there's a pretty large activity vocabulary, and there's no way to know what some server expects.

I think best practice is to simply accept everything, and then process as best effort.

tedu honked 11 Apr 2024 16:03 -0400

This is a cool kinda glitch style.

Two tone image of hybrid car charging or refueling

tedu honked 11 Apr 2024 15:08 -0400

Trailer for Dune 3 looks awesome. The Preacher is back.

Kyle machlachlan in fallout, behind a podium

tedu honked 10 Apr 2024 21:44 -0400

TIL archive.ph responds to curl by sending nothing for 60 seconds then closing the connection.

tedu honked back 10 Apr 2024 13:58 -0400
in reply to: https://antisoc.vernunftzentrum.de/u/ckeen/h/mjlwYrM2vg2WR8q9mt

@ckeen you'd have to check the web log for requests like /d/something.

If the file isn't expected to be there, it's fine. Just weird that a url like that is being accessed.

If the file is missing, that's worse, but it's not clear how it would happen.

If you haven't noticed broken images, then I'd say somebody else linked to you somehow?

tedu honked 09 Apr 2024 21:24 -0400

Was wondering why a VM felt kinda laggy; turns out it's because it's 3000 miles away. Apparently never paid attention to where it was being provisioned.

tedu honked back 09 Apr 2024 18:52 -0400
in reply to: https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/7219cgRnTjlPGls92F

Hahaha, well, what do we have here in the archives. Another mastodon server with a broken queue.

I think I'm going to setup regular monitoring for this instead of adhoc grepping. Seems more effective than hoping mastodon ever figures out how to turn sidekiq into a world class enterprise ready reliable queue.

tedu honked 09 Apr 2024 18:25 -0400

Heartwarming to see the Washington post cover such everyday occurrences.

After President Biden’s State of the Union address Adams told a story on X in which he is “so disgusted” by the speech that he shuts off the television and heads to the gym, where he meets “two attractive college educated Latina career women,” who say they, too, disliked Biden’s speech, and that they miss President Trump. Then the three discuss Trump’s “successful border policies,” the women ogle Adams’s muscles and the Alpha Male pushes out a personal record on the bench press. “It wasn’t long before a crowd had gathered to cheer me on,” Adams wrote, “the sound of my masculine grunts broken only by the two Latina’s counting my reps in unison.”


tedu honked back 09 Apr 2024 14:34 -0400
in reply to: https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/TBV7hjvVBbtm2qyM6v

Oh, look, threads.net has retuned their delete cannon. Now it only sends repeats every twenty minutes instead of every ten. Best talent in the valley.

2024/04/09 13:32:02 eradicating https://threads.net/ap/users/17841460898802855/ https://threads.net/ap/users/17841460898802855/post/18046664008648951/
2024/04/09 13:52:01 eradicating https://threads.net/ap/users/17841460898802855/ https://threads.net/ap/users/17841460898802855/post/18046664008648951/
2024/04/09 14:12:27 eradicating https://threads.net/ap/users/17841460898802855/ https://threads.net/ap/users/17841460898802855/post/18046664008648951/
2024/04/09 14:31:46 eradicating https://threads.net/ap/users/17841460898802855/ https://threads.net/ap/users/17841460898802855/post/18046664008648951/

tedu honked back 09 Apr 2024 14:31 -0400
in reply to: https://honk.tedunangst.com/u/tedu/h/J29Zj4C4y8K2WQmn2c

Reran the grep, found a new winner. chillout.chat sent 2242 deletes for blanc_poop and 2459 deletes for siranai. Not exactly chilling out.

(To be clear for the activity curious, not 2000 deletes for various posts. 2000 deletes, all identical, for the actor.)

tedu honked 08 Apr 2024 22:00 -0400

Special shoutout to mastodon instance pony.social for informing me that user yqqwe was deleted 2393 times. Message received.

tedu honked back 08 Apr 2024 15:59 -0400
in reply to: https://h.icyphox.sh/u/icy/h/ggf5B6TYw9tt5dLvN2

dz: 3 body problem

dz: 3 body problem

@icy I think it's just assumed they're on a straight incoming trajectory. We shoot to their star, meet half way. Because stars don't move. (Although I think they're close enough it's not too far off.)

tedu honked 08 Apr 2024 15:56 -0400

If I understand correctly, the moon hid the sun, but then the moon moved away, and the sun was still there, which means the sun has object permanence. This proves the sun is conscious. What a delightful way to learn we're not alone!